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Sex Offender Says Attorney Never Told Him of Plea Agreement

Indiana Teacher Who Sexted Middle Schoolers Seeks Plea to Avoid Prison
“The plea deal, orchestrated by prosecutors and Tyman’s defense attorney Bryan Truitt, has been submitted to an Indiana county court judge. The judge will make the decision regarding the plea deal. According to Truitt, Tyman has agreed to the maximum amount of probation which means the former teacher will be supervised. Truitt also said that Tyman has lost his livelihood, been publicly humiliated, and will have a year of home detention.”

Dentist Seeks Treatment While Awaiting Heroin Charges
“The agreement calls for 30-year-old Porter to go directly to St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago upon his release from jail until room is available for him at Harborview Recovery Center, also in Chicago, said defense attorney Bryan Truitt.”

New Chicago Man Acquitted of Stalking Girlfriend

‘Sexting’ Case: Indiana Middle School Teacher Facing Charges is Fired

Prosecutors Seek $200k for Child Porn Victim
“Ontiveros’ attorney, Bryan Truitt, said his client doesn’t deny he possessed child pornographic images, a crime that will net the convicted man at least five years in prison. But Truitt said he will argue Ontiveros cannot and should not pay almost $200,000 for the psychological consequences of the girl’s sexual exploitation. Ontiveros is not the “proximate cause” of enough harm to warrant that figure, Truitt said.”

Lawyers Says Hammond Woman’s Fraud Trial May Take Two Weeks

“Efforts are still under way to get copies from the state of the seven boxes of evidence against Donna Harris, also known as Donna Meade, and Gary Atkinson, according to Harris’ attorney Bryan Truitt.”

Trial Begins in Confinement Case

Man Seeks Early Release to Care For Kids
“James Collins, 29, argues that despite the offense, Jennifer Teel described him during the sentencing hearing as “a fit and proper parent and actively involved in both the financial and emotional support of the children,” according to a motion filed by defense attorney Bryan Truitt.”

Former Officer, Police in 4-hour Standoff

Former Teacher Now Charged With Sex With Underage Girl

Portage Man Accused of Robbery and Confinement
“Hurst’s attorney, Tony Bertig, told jurors Wednesday that Waite’s story is suspicious.”

Center Township Man Challenges Convictions in High Profile Molest Case

Tilema Please Guilty to Two Felony Counts
“As part of the plea agreement reached by Jasper County Prosecutor Kathryn O’Neall and defense attorney Bryan Truitt, Tillema would receive up to six years for each count to be served consecutively.”

Plea for Dean Tillema III Set for Today

Paperwork Mixup Costs Prosecution Higher Felony Charges
“O’Neall and Bryan Truitt, Tillema’s attorney, said a plea agreement is being discussed, but neither could say what that agreement might be.”

Malinski Appeals Murder Conviction
“In the court documents obtained Wednesday, defense attorneys claim that authorities not only violated Malinski’s constitutional rights by refusing to allow him to see a lawyer during a police interrogation, but later rifled through his jail cell and illegally copied legal papers that contained confidential defense strategies and led them to additional evidence.”

Prosecutors Argue to Sustain Malinski’s Conviction